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How We Do It ?

1: Choose your Stone and Get a Quote

When selecting a countertop material, is important to choose something that looks good and lasts long. Our team at GNL will help you understand your options and figure out what's best for your project. Plus, we offer FREE estimates for all projects.

Our bidding process is easy! You can provide rough measurements (even just a sketch on a napkin) or send us your cabinet layout, and we'll give you a quote in less than 24 hours.

If you want more precise measurements, we can send a team member to your location to take measurements and provide a quote on the spot.


2: Create a Digital Template

One of our specialists will use the digital and laser system to measure your project at your home or business.

3: Digital Slab Layout Approval

GNL Granite Design works with high-technology software so that clients can have the best view of what they will receive and approve before going to Fabrication.

AdobeStock_113202219 (1).jpeg

4: Fabrication

With the help of our WaterJet Machine and a computerized system, your measurements are precisely sculptured into the stone of your choice. The stone is polished and shaped by our team getting prepared for installation.

5: Installation

Our office will arrange for the installation once your project has been fabricated and carefully inspected by one of our highly qualified and reliable installers, capable of offering a quality service quickly and efficiently at your home or business.

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Stone Installation Checklist: Get Ready For Your Big Day!

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