1. Select your Stone and/or Get a Bid:

A countertop material should have an appealing look that complements the room's overall design and durability.Our staff will work with you to comprehend your needs and determine the project's scope. All projects at GNL receive FREE estimates.


The bids are simple as it can be! You can provide rough measurements (a sketch on a napkin will make the work as well! Send us cabinet’s layouts or your measurement tape numbers and in less than 24 hours, you will receive a quote.

In case you prefer to have more accurate measurements, GNL will send one of our team members to get these numbers and send you a quote right away


2. Create a Digital Template:


One of our specialists will use the digital and laser system to measure your project at your home or business.

3. Digital Slab Layout Approval


GNL Granite Design works with high technology software so that each client can have the best view of what they will receive and approve before going to Fabrication.

4. Fabrication


With the help of our WaterJet Machine and a computerized system, your measurements are precisely sculptured into the stone of your choice. The stone is polished and shaped by our team getting prepared for installation.

5. Installation

Our office will arrange for the installation once your project has been fabricated and carefully inspected with one of our extremely qualified and reliable team of installers, capable of offering a quality service in a fast and efficient way at your home or business.

Image by Jocelyn Morales